Emo awesome breasts, sucking titties

Emo awesome breasts!  She is fucking beautiful!!  Just the whole expression, pierced ears, lips and eye brows.  She is done up to just be the hottest in town.  What stands out are the awesome breasts.  The bra pushes those awesome breasts way up to make them so fucking round and subtle.  Oh, what I wouldn’t do to cup my hands on those beautiful breasts, massage and make those nipples go rock hard and erect.

As a lesbian I am so so attracted to her.  Her whole way of being emo is so attractive to me.  I just wonder if she’s gay and how I can pick her up.  Or, if she’s straight, I can talk into an experience she’ll never forget.  But her whole demeanor looks hard to get.  What can I say to her that will get her interested.  I slight glance at those awesome breasts might be a tip off.  Subtle but suggestive and then run my eyes down that beautiful figure.  Maybe I’ll nuzzle up closer and get into her space.  Then, make sly suggestions that I love women.

Her body just kills me.  I want lick her pussy so bad!!  What is it going to take!  I want to get into her panties and make her squeal with pleasure.  Ah, she responds with a glance at my eyes and then down.  Sizing me up also…  This is getting interesting.  I feel my own pussy moisten at the thought of getting her to spread her legs.  We chat, becomes more engaging.  But, she’s straight.  More of a challenge but much much more fun of a sexual experience for both of us.

I lightly touch her arm, look deliberately into her eyes.  She blushes…   After a few more drinks, both of us begin to loosen up.  I start to hint at being a lesbian.  She seems take note and interest.  Still, I hold back, not talking freely.  But, I can’t help looking at those awesome breasts.  They just knock me out and I want her more….  Finally, we come across a common interest.  Artists she’s interested in and I have those very same art books at home.  Let’s go back to my place and look at them together!  Sure,…sounds like fun!

We get home and I pull out the art books.  We slowly look at the pictures and there is a tension.  Uncomfortable…  A sexual tension.  I move closer to her, gently touching and then the eyes meet.  Those beautiful lips, supple and all sudden interlocked with pressed lips.  Swirling tongues…  A tongue I can’t wait to lick my pussy.  I move my hand down to that very young pussy.  And, start feeling around for that pussy!  Yeah, it’s very moist.  I know she’s fucking into it.

I start arching my long fingers into that ever increasing pussy.  Guess what, she’s a virgin!!!  I’ve got a dildo strap-on that will pop that cherry right out.  Off goes her wet panties and I move down and start licking her clit.  She just quivers like you wouldn’t believe.  Goose bumps, skin becoming moist.  First sexual experience?  Hard to believe with those awesome breasts.  But she sure did enjoy my licking her pussy.  She just might be a lesbian yet.  I need a full time lover.  This young one would be perfect!

Kelly Jellie
Kernel Fried Chicken
Finger Lickin Good!


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