Goth sexy black lips

Black lips, shiny, lush and cold.  Goth all the way!  Perfectly lined and a unbelievably beautiful fullness.  Perfect for emo fucking!  What could be more sexy?  How just having black lips can be so expressive.  An aura of magnetic attractiveness.  Of all the Goth makeup, the black lips stand out.

Look how expressive she is…  Her head cocked to the side.  Stern, anger, determination but very erotic.  Look how strings of her hair hang over her face.  She is saying so much by her Goth look, black lips, facial expression and stature.  Beautiful, sexy…   Her attractiveness says, I’m beautiful, I know it and I’m hard to get.  Rightfully so, she’s stunning. Between the glossy, cold black lips, she’s a complete package of beauty, confidence and intelligence.  Great for Emo Fucking!!

Look beyond the fragments of black hair.  You see alluring mysterious eyes.  Just as cold and black as her lips.  She poses a challenge to reach inside those ‘windows to soul’  and understand what makes her tick.  How cruel it is for a man to worship such beauty yet received with such coldness through the eyes.

The beautiful creamy white skin.  So smooth…  Luscious and erotic to stroke and kiss.  A well defined chin.  Although the black lips builds the overall character, the jutting chin shows clear superior distinction.  Shows good breeding, ancestry and healthy upbringing.  The long narrow nose confirms what the chin expresses.  Those black lips give a very slight hint of a smile.  A slight smile of sexual seduction and playfulness.  It says, I’m different yet I have my urges and desires.  I want to play.  Sexually arouse me if you dare.  I might respond more than you imagine.

Down her beautiful creamy plunging breast line you see a black finely meshed bra.  One that reveals but not quite. It hides a blossoming bosom, shapely, young and firm.  The exposure reflects her expression, black lips and Goth makeup.  It draws your imagination.  Wouldn’t I like to massage those breasts and slip my hand beyond that black bra and find that nipple. Cup that beautiful firm breast.  Massage, tease and try to thaw those eyes, part those black lips and bring a smile.

Once won over, you know she would be an awesome fuck.  Her goth ways, the cold blackness. Those black lips would wrap around my cock beautifully.  Cumming on her face would be such a pleasure.  Being goth, she would be so much into it.  Fucking, sucking, anal, rocking with the sex while listening to Marilyn Manson.

Black Lips Inc.
Black Lips Kisser



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