Chained and Fucked

Chained and fucked, Kelly couldn’t imagine what would happen to her today.  She had only dated her new boyfriend for about two months.  He seemed like an OK guy.  The sex was pretty good.  She sucked his cock more than other boyfriends.  And, it was always a surprise when he wanted his cock sucked.  It was an adventure because Kelly’s boyfriend wanted blow jobs at unusual places.

Kelly’s first experience with her new boyfriend was something to talk about with her girlfriends.  He took her to an overpass at the interstate, told her to take off all her clothes and stand where the drivers could see her.  Kelly knelt down expecting a brutal face fuck and started sucking his big cock.  The cool breeze gave her goose bumps and made her nipples hard as a rock.  She was hesitant at first but it started to become a big turn-on.  Traffic was beginning to notice and people were slowing down.  Kelly was waiting to hear a crash.  People were forced to continue on the highway.  Her boyfriend was getting off too.  He was really enjoying the drivers looking at Kelly’s beautiful body.  Very slim, petite, young blossoming breasts and a cute ass.  He put his hand behind Kelly’s head and pushed hard.  An awesome brutal face fuck to observe.  Kelly started to gargle on the beautiful big cock.  And, then he would release his hand.  She could breath and then a huge wad of cum shot into her mouth.  Kelly was caught off guard.  She choked a little bit and then swallowed.  Kelly thought his cum tasted pretty good.  But, even with that experience she didn’t imagine getting chained and fucked.  Chained and fucked was an experience she just couldn’t fathom but her new boyfriend was going to push her sexual experiences farther and farther.

Kelly’s next experience was equally as wild as the first.  Her boyfriend has a stick shift.  He drove to a busy mall with many people getting in and out of their cars.  He parked in the most busiest part with many people walking past.  Kelly’s boyfriend told her to strip down naked and mount the stick shift.  He put lube on the stick shift to make it easier.  The handle of the stick shift was big.  Kelly would need an effort to mount the stick shift.  Kelly was naked and her boyfriend moved to the backseat to watch.  He also had a smart phone with a camera.  Filming the act and posting it on the internet added an additional thrill to the event.  Kelly was naked and again her nipples were as hard as a rock.  She positioned herself over the stick shift.  Looking down, Kelly wondered how she was to get that knob into her bald pussy.  Down her pussy went towards the knob.  She started rubbing the knob on her pussy and a few people walked past.  None had noticed but the thought of them seeing her was a turn on.  Her pussy started getting wet at the thought.  She continued to hump the knob, her pussy getting wetter and wider.  Finally, her pussy covered the knob and slid further.  The feeling was unbelievable.  Kelly moaned with delight.  She never imagined such a erotic feeling as having her boyfriend film her, people passing by and a large knob inside her.  Better yet, the knob moved around to shift.  Kelly moved with the knob and she really came close to an orgasm.  She moaned and almost shouted with it all.  She came and her boyfriend posted the event on several web sites.  What possibly could be next?  Chained and fucked??

Chained and fucked!  Last thing on Kelly’s mind.  She had enjoyed the first two sexual experiences.  What possibly be next?  On a Saturday, both had the day off.  Kelly’s boyfriend invited her over.  In the living room off the kitchen was an odd contraption.  She couldn’t imagine what is for and certainly not being chained and fucked.  Chained and fucked is exactly what her boyfriend had in mind.  She was curious…  Kelly asked what was it and replied I’ll show you.  Take off all your clothes and she complied as usual.  He moved her over to where the contraption was located and put leather ankle bracelets on her.  Chained and fucked?  Beginning to look that way.  Then, he had leather wrist cuffs and attached those too.  Then he told her to bend over and he applied some lube to her asshole.  On came a machine with a dildo on it.  He inserted it into her asshole and the machine moved the dildo in and out of her ass.  Seeing Kelly was getting used to it, he turned up the speed.  Kelly couldn’t get over the feeling.  Painful and irritating at first, the pulsing back and forth started to really feel good.  Yeah, chained and fucked.  More was to come.  He slapped her ass real hard and then positioned himself in front of her.  He pulled down his pants, moved Kelly to his cock and she started sucking.  Yeah, chained and fucked plus a blow job too..  Kelly loved the kinky act they were performing.  And, once again, she came and came hard.  What a great time!


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