Diddy Licious – Beautiful redhead with beautiful eyes and sly face

Diddy Licious – porn star of the past but still makes it’s way around the internet.  Reason being, look at her.  Strawberry blonde, well defined chin, seductive look and beautiful eyes.  Diddy is a cock tease.  She’s a lesbian and her only scenes as a porn star was with her female lover.


Diddy Licious - lesbian porn star

Diddy Licious – porn star

Diddy and her lover Serena are lesbian lovers and appear in most all of Diddy’s scenes. But, never do you find Diddy licking Serena’s pussy and likewise Serena licking hers. But the two do an excellent job of getting any cock worked up with scad clothing. Diddy, with her sexy lips in a pout adds to the erotic scene of pouring baby oil on her lover. Both with their well oiled beautiful skin glistens under the lighting.

seductive eyes

Diddy seductive eyes

Diddy and her lover as well reveal a beautiful sight of their breasts. What is obvious, Diddy has firm young bite-size breasts. Who wouldn’t want to rub baby oil over those breasts and suck those titties. What adds to the scene and makes it memorable is the look on Diddy’s eyes. Who wouldn’t get a hard-on or a lesbian have a wet pussy. It’s just too much!! Neither need to be licking each others pussies. Or, with a strap-on fucking one another. The picture itself is sexually charged.

Diddy - cute ass

Diddy – cute ass

Who wouldn’t want to rub baby oil all over Diddy’s cute little ass. Running your hand in and out of ass. Reaching between her legs and finding that beautiful muff. Sticking your finger in that pussy covered with baby oil. Everything is slippery, wet and smooth. What an erotic experience it would be to finger fuck Diddy soaked with baby oil.

Wouldn’t any Man like to lay her down and stick a big cock into the young tight pussy. That petite figure covered in baby oil. Eat her pussy out, shove your fingers in and out. Make her moan with pleasure. Would she forget about being a lesbian? Who cares!! Fucking her doggie style all slippery. Slapping that cute small oiled ass. What a dream! Fucking her and pinching those slippery tits and running your fingers up and down that dripping slender figure.

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