Emo hello kitty – So lucky leaning against a beautiful virgin pussy

Emo Hello Kitty! How I’d love to meet that kitty. Can I look closer and closer. Oh, I want to hug that Emo Hello Kitty!
So so beautiful! Those beautiful innocent eyes and expression. Looking up not quite sure to expose those supple breasts or to be embarrassed. Mmmm, that Emo Hello Kitty! So lucky, parked against that beautiful pussy! Oh, how I’d love to be that stuffed animal.

She’s so beautiful with those cherry red lips with pierced earrings. I’d love to get my tongue and lightly lick along those lips and around those piercings. And, go deep inside her with my tongue. Hold her gently, that innocent Emo. Give her such pleasure. She’ll quiver and start to lightly perspire. I’ll stroke those moist breasts and start to look down at that Emo hello Kitty. Working my fingers down to gently pull it away.

What I find? After pulling away that Emo hello kitty? A beautiful bald mound, shaved perfectly. Or, should I say waxed. Yes, waxed. So smooth, I love it. Such a delight to start eating out that pussy. Wiggling my tongue back and forth over that clit. More quivers, moans and moisture. Who can ask for more?

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