Hot emo lesbians kissing passionately

Hot emo lesbians kissing!  Nothing is beautiful.  One was in the bathroom.  The other mistakenly came in or did she?….  Their relationship and lives would change forever!

On a snowy day, two best friends trying to kill time with themselves and other guests.  Tonight would be a sleepover.  Not much sleep.   Nothing much on the television.  The group tried board games but that didn’t kill much time.  A roaring fire, nice warm and comfortable.  Finally, one decided to hit the liquor cabinet.  Mixed drinks would perk up the day.  Brandy would be so nice.

So the girl the house belonged felt a need for the bathroom.  She was loose and surly.  Very easy and inner feelings were beginning to come out.  Her deep lust for her best friend was rising to the surface.  As she left the group, a little unsteady, her eyes glanced slightly at her best friend.  She noticed but was confused at what was going on…  She too had strong feelings.  She masturbated at the thought of two emo lesbians kissing.  It made her cum every time.  Fucking another man seemed interesting and she’d like to try it sometime.  Every time she visualized her best friend, it was the best orgasm.  So much, the sheets were wet with her cum.  Maybe this was her signal.  Finally!  Act upon her dreams that has made her squirt so many times over her bed sheets.

She left the group in a way so no one noticed.  She found the bathroom door and acted like she opened it by accident.  She had her panties down and had just finished peeing.  I felt faint to finally see that beautiful pussy.  A pussy I wanted to lick and taste so much.  Mmm, pink undies..  Yeah!!  And, look at that ass…  I could lick my tongue up and down while I was finger fucking her.  She was so fucking beautiful!  I wanted to kiss her so badly..  Two hot emo lesbians kissing.  What a start to being gay!  Both of us virgins and ready to embark on an lifetime of sexual adventures.  What coincidence that my best friend was a lesbian.

Our eyes met…  Her face blushed since her blue jeans and panties were down.  Then, my eyes went down her beautiful body and then staring at that beautiful muff.  Bald pussy, so beautiful and ready to be popped by a dildo.  She knew!  Both of us became radiant!  Hot with passion in anticipation of what was to cum..  Both of us were red in the face, goose bumps and slightly perspiring.  We both moved closer together.  Gazing in each others eyes.  I moved my head forward and she met it half way.  Pressing lips…

Both our tongues intertwined and I reached out and put my hand on that beautiful ass. She reached under my shirt and grabbed a tittie.  She circled my tit and stimulated it till that nipple was erect and hard.  We both knew that our tongues intertwined would be dancing in our pussies.  I wanted to taste cum that wasn’t my own.  Yes, hot emo lesbians kissing in the bathroom.  While our group was none the wiser.  They couldn’t hear the lovemaking, slurping of pussy juice.  When we came out, our fingers wreaked of it and so did our mouths.  Let them guess…

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