Emo Nudist

Who would think, a nudist Emo. Yeah, that’s right! I was visiting a Nudist Hot Spot and was walking around when I saw a nudist Emo. Such a fucking babe. My cock just swelled when I saw her, others began to notice. I too was naked.

I couldn’t stop it. A full blown erection, no pun intended. Girls were giggling and staring. The nudist Emo gave me a sly smile. She knew I was staring at her and getting so fucking turned on…. But, in my mind I thought you know I don’t care. Let all the girls stare along with this nudist emo. You know, it’s a fucking turn on that all the girls plus the emo nudist are looking at my large cock at full erection.

For a winter day, she had a tan body. Beautiful black hair, small titties, strong shapely legs. Her pussy was bush, unusual because most all are smoothies in the Nudist Community. I first spied this nudist emo when she was gliding along in the snow. It was so odd seeing someone out in the snow, tan and just a beautiful sight to see. Her tan lines from a bikini made her even more enticing. Nudists laugh and make fun of those who have tan lines. It indicates a novice.. This Emo Nudist is also walking in her bare feet. lol…

I was spying her from the indoor hot tub. The absolute place to be on this cold snowy day. Myself and a few others were soaking in the hot tub, nude of course. Those in the nudist colony had a variety of shapes and sizes. Some firm and perky, very young and a pleasure to behold. Others were aging, saggy and are out of shape. Regardless, everyone was feeling a sense of freedom, carefree and no clothes distinguishing themselves from the other. True, orgies occurred, sexual romps and exchanging partners. That too was the part of the freedom.

It was near lunch time and everyone slipped out of the hot tub, put on bathrobes. Enough clothes to make it to the cafeteria. I was keeping an eye on my ice princess, the awesome emo nudist slowly making her way to the hot tub. She was gingerly making her way in her bare feet. Kinda an indication of her free spirit. Finally making her way, behold a beautiful firm body. My mouth watered. To match the gorgeous body of this emo nudist, a very sweet personality. After being in the cold, she slowly slipped her feet into the hot tub. Quite a change of temperature. As she made her way into the hot tub, there was a shine on the upper half of her body. The Emo Nudist was perspiring and it added to her sexiness. I loved that flat chest. It made her look younger than she was. She looked over at me and smiled. Shy none the less and not letting on of any attraction to me. Again, my cock got huge looking at this beautiful girl. I just couldn’t help it! She was so fucking hot!!?

I placed a towel on the bench surrounding the hot tub. Then lifted myself up and sat down. Her jaw dropped open, her eyes got wide and she gave me an evil smile. She was looking at my towering erect cock. ‘Doesn’t that look yummy’, she said. I couldn’t believe how blatant she was about my cock. Giggling, she slowly moved over to me in a very sexy way. Grabbed my cock and slipped it into her mouth. Licking the end playfully, this Emo Nudist was going to give me a fucking great blow job. I moaned with pleasure. A string a pre-cum went to her mouth as she pulled away. She asked, ‘You wanna fuck?’ So she slipped out of the hot tub, all sweaty.

I started fucking her doggy style and just about ready to come when in came the those who just finished lunch. They were very comfortable, surprisingly. They slipped into the hot tub and watched. It was a turn on for both of us. I just started fucking her harder and harder and then shot cum all over her back. Emo Nudist, what a great and memorable fuck!!

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