Fuck me please, you horny emo bitch.

Fuck me please! A hardcore fuck.  Your a Sailor on one of the largest aircraft carriers in the US Naval fleet. The Aircraft Carrier is a small city, considering the population. Your bunk in almost a stretcher stacked by three. Unfortunately, it’s below the steam catapult. Ear splitting sounds while trying to sleep. I’m so horny on the ship. Fuck me please!! Give me a hardcore fuck.  I’m bisexual and I see Men and Women climb around me to get to their bunks. Yes, fuck me please!  Sweaty with their shirts open, great to glance at tits or muscular chest.

As I try to sleep, the bunk above me begins to move violently.  Yeah, she’s playing with her pussy pretty hard.  I just want to crawl up there and lick her pussy.  I know she’d cum fast.  Ewwwh, the sweet nectar of that pussy.  Shes cute.  I’ve masturbated myself thinking about fucking her with a strap-on.  I always wondered if she thought the same.  I really should join her when she plays with her pussy.  Now, that would rock the boat.  Yeah babe, fuck me please!!

The guy in the bunk below me is a friend.  We work in the same area.  We wear those cool jumpers signal the jets and then with a thrust of our arm, send them on their way. Pretty cool, yeah…  As I look at those handsome pilots, white teeth, big smile at me.  Oh, how I’d love to say, fuck me please.  They watch porn before taking off.  They are like super horny.  More so than everyone else on this ship.  Anyway, I peer down at the friend beneath me and what do I see.  Too hot for covers, lying on top of the mattress in his white boxers.  While he sleeps, his cock has popped out and he’s stroking it real good.  Too good to be true…

I slowly step down from my bunk, quietly.  Look at that hunk of meat.  I want to just slip that cock right into my mouth and see if it get’s rock hard.  It’s been quite a while since giving a blow job.  Yeah, you know, like fuck me please, I’ve been on a ship forever.  I kiss his cock and start doing my tongue around his knob.  Yeah, look how big it gets… He’s having some kind of dream.  Alright, that big cock is like a mast.  Long, strong and ready to go deep.  My whole mouth plunges on his cock and I start sucking and stroking.  His eyes open just a wee bit..  He knows what’s happening but doesn’t want me know.  He’s trying to stay motionless and quiet, hard to do when your cock is being sucked.  Then, he quivers and with that an explosion of cum in my mouth.  With a big smile, I open my mouth to show him all of his cum.  And then I swallow.  Next day at our shift, we glance at each other with a slight smile..

Finally shore leave!  Time to find the radical alt. bars.  But first, I have to transform myself into emo freak. I stop by the tattoo parlor, filled with other sailors.  Ears, lips and tits please.  Why, because I want someone to ‘fuck me please’.

I love it!  Pussy waxed and shaved.  Smooth as can be…  This time, I’m picking up some pussy.  I go to a night club where other freaks like me are getting rowdy.  I hit up with some friends from the ship.  One hands me a joint and I start to get high.  Then, I spy my bunk mate.  Miss, play with her pussy.  Time to have some fun.  I snuggle up next to her.  And, what I want to say, ‘fuck me please’.  She’s startled at my transformation.  I spy her slender form, tight jeans and full breasts breaking out of shirt with a button down.

She glances up and down, checking me out.  I put my hand up her inner thigh very slowly.  Both of us are high, so it’s like relaxed.  I move higher, until a can start massaging that muff.  She’s like in a trance, another world enjoying a new sexual pleasure.  I hold her hand gently and guide her out of the crowd.  Check into a room and start kissing passionately.  Off goes the clothes and she gasps and smiles at my perfectly hairless pussy.  Yeah Babe, fuck me please.  As I handed her a strap-on.




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