Gay Emo Boys embracing passionately

Gay emo boys, nothing sexier than seeing such physical and passionate love

Why is it that gay emo boys are so erotic. It could be that beautiful unique emo haircut. Hides the eyes and creates mystery. The chiseled face, the white cream skin and so skinny… Gay emo boys are irresistible to any gay man. The effeminate features mixed with a gay emo boys body is the most erotic mix.

Emos in general are excellent lovers. They have an intimate connection with sex. They let go… They choose to be themselves and in itself Emos are very sexual in appearance. Look at the gay emo boys embrace. How passionate by both gently putting their hands on the head of each lover. The deep passionate kiss, tongue reaching deep. Eyes closed, groins presses closely to feel the slightest increase in a erection. Being an Emo goes against the norm. Being gay emo boys goes against the grain of popular society. How free they feel, being themselves, appearing the way they choose and experiencing such newly explored sexual excitement.

My imagination wonders as I think of the gay emo boys intertwined. Holding each other tightly, each massaging and exploring. I hand reaching deep between the Ass and legs, cupping the strong firm flesh and stroking back and forth. Another hand starting to unbuckle his lovers pants and pulling the zipper down. Probing until finding that pulsating and growing cock. Stroking back and forth, making the cock larger and larger. You become lightheaded anticipating the size of the cock and how deeply it will go into your Ass. A mouthful, a challenge to force the entire large and wide cock deep into the throat. Sucking, playfully licking the tip and tasting the sweet nectar of cum.

Freelance Gay Rights Activist
Rodney lobbies the rights of the LBGT movement in the Greater Atlanta area.
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