Tie me up and whip please, I’m one fucking kinky Emo!

Oh, what a hot Emo chick! All tied up and in complete submission!

I love those white Go Go boots! And those beautiful beautiful legs. Oh, how I’d love to lick those long legs, what a hot Emo Chick!!
Look at that tight latex hot pants. Mmmm, so cool!! And, just on one edge you can see towards that sweet Emo Pussy. I’d love to get my finger and slowly explore through those tight small latex hot pants and stick it in that beautiful cunt. In and out, I would put my finger in until it became silky moist and she moaned with such pleasure.

I’m going to tug on those ropes, show her whose in command. Pull my cock out and force it into her mouth. Push the back of her head and make my cock go deeper into her throat until she gags. I pull my cock out of that hot Emo Chick, and a silk string of cum connects her lips with my cock. Cum drips down her chin and she licks it up seductively with her tongue.

I’m in complete control, she’s tied up. I get my cock and smack her face. She smiles and looks up as if a slave. Again, she sucks and sucks my cock until I cum. I hold it in the best I can and splash her pink hair and then move to her open mouth. Fuck!! That’s my hot Emo Chick!!

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