Hot Emo Girl

Hot Emo Girl!  Nothing like it..  The beauty is so much to take in and hope it lasts for an eternity!

Swim into the eyes of this hot emo girl.  The eyes are the window to the soul.  How deeply I can enter those eyes and bask in so much worship. It’s tormenting!  Wanting all that beauty and to selfishly keep it for myself.

The fair skin is so light and smooth.  I want to press my lips gently on her cheek and look deeply into those beautiful eyes.  A hot emo girl, nothing like it in the world!  Those full lips, so inviting for a deep long kiss.  A kiss that sends a rush into your head.  No drug in the world can come close.  Intertwined, becoming one.  So close together.  A cherished moment never to be forgotten!

The multi-colored streaks of hair takes the beauty to the wild-side.  Represents a an open mind, expressive, courage to be different from the rest.  Creativity, funky, a hot emo girl.  It’s so erotic!  The color brings about a magnetism.  In a crowd, her beauty would distinguish her alone.  But, her colorful expressiveness and radiance makes her superior in attractiveness.

Look at how she stands!  A very confident hot Emo Girl.  Erect, alert and radiant.  Confidence partly drawn from the pursuit and success of many lovers.  She wields great power.  Overcoming a Man’s will to control and she uses him as a tool in every capacity.  This hot Emo Girl has great expectations in her Lover.  She’s experienced and demands the ultimate pleasure.

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