Perfect body of Emo in bikini

A perfect body, luscious and so tempting to stare.  Add an Emo in a bikini, who could ask for more?  An Emo with a perfect body and skimpy bikini?  Try not to have your ever growing cock not show while on the beach.  She’s just a fucking knock-out!  Creamy smooth white skin, blonde hair with red streaks.

Your walking along the beach.  It’s a beautiful day and your scoping out the pussy on the beach.  Lot’s of bikini girls suntanning with oil rubbed all over their bodies.  Some are laying on their stomachs and slipped off their bikini tops.  Just imagine those titties under the towel.  Getting worked up just thinking of it.  But, it’s constant conquest for the perfect body.  Better yet, a freak with a perfect body.  One you know loves to fuck, give an awesome blow job or take it up the ass.

As you stroll, off in the distance at a bar and restaurant, you see a figure different from the rest.  She’s standing and spying her figure from a distance it looks like the perfect body you seek.  You start to move closer…  Yeah, she’s doing shots and getting a little fucked up.  Good sign for getting at that beautiful pussy!  A little fucked up, a little easy…

You just can’t fucking believe your eyes.  What a dream!  A perfect body slipped into a tiny bikini.  An Emo, a freak, someone that is just going to fuck like crazy.  Check out that perfect body.  Looking her up and down, she is like so in shape.  You want to hug her and dig your hand into that perfect ass.  Reach down into her bikini bottom and start slipping your finger into that pussy.  Yeah,….  That’s on your mind.  Getting in there, turning her on so fucking much.  Get her so hot and horny.

You buy her a shot or two, she’s starting to get fucked up.  Striking up a conversation, she eyes you from top to bottom.  She’s got a sly grin and twirling her hair.  Making eye contact, you can tell she’s getting very very interested.  She blushes when making eye contact.  All it’s going to take is the right words.  Compliments on her beauty and slight hints of being sexually interested.  She picks up on it and returns the sexual hints.  Your cock is just swelling thinking about fucking her so hard.  Finally, she gives in and wants to come with you.  Yeah!!  Baby, let’s fuck with that perfect body of yours.

You get to your place.  Roommate is gone.  Whole place to yourself finally.  You think of your stash and decide to give her some weed.  She just seems to groove to the idea.  You light up, blow out some smoke and hand her the pipe.  You can’t believe the toke she takes.  She let’s out a big cloud of smoke and smiles with an evil grin.  You know it’s going to be an awesome fuck.

Without taking off her skimpy bikini, she get’s on her knees and starts feeling for that swelling cock.  She finds what she’s looking for…  A huge cock she holds in her hand and starts working her tongue around the tip.  That Emo with the perfect body loves what she sees.  She is like, so fucking buzzed.  Makes her so incredibly into sucking my cock off. That Emo savors my cock, taking it deeper and deeper.  I’ve turned on alt. heavy metal music that adds to the experience.  Were both in tune with the music.  The buzz is adding to sex with fucking hard music.  Tip of my cock is getting moist with cum.  She pulls back with a saliva angel hair mixed with cum.  She starts to laugh as it hangs on her lips.  It tastes so good.  She can’t stop laughing, so fucking high.

We stroll into the bedroom, she finally slips off that bikini and behold…  A beautiful perfect body!  A shaved pussy, athletic legs.  A smooth flat tummy and firm breasts.  She lays on the bed.  You can’t believe this is happening.  It surpasses any wild sexual dream.  You slowly slide your hard cock into her bald pussy.  Her pussy expands to allow you to push your cock deep.  The music is going, your buzzed, she’s buzzed and her pussy is slippery.  In and out, in and out, faster and faster!  You pull your cock out in time, splash that perfect body with cum.  Loads of cum!  She can’t believe all the cum that splashed on her chest and all the way up to her face.



Article Name
Perfect Body - Emo hooks up on the beach
Perfect body is what a boy walking along the beach seeks. He comes across an Emo, smooth, slender body in a bikini. He takes her and they fuck like crazy.
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