School Uniform with cute ball and chain

Mmmm, what a cutie in a school uniform!
The leggings with the ball and chain. So unbelievably kinky, erotic and tasty. My mouth is watering thinking of that luscious school girl holding that ball and chain. What is she thinking? Is it anticipation of swinging. Who is she waiting for?? A lover?

The power of the school girl in her uniform clutching that chain. Those beautiful legs. So long and beautiful and the darkness of doing the photo in black and white. Dark, dark Emo with the school uniform cut so high in the back. Look how that firm Ass stands up and pushes the skirt upward. How beautiful!!

An innocence yet a dark destructiveness waiting and anticipating. A contrast of innocence and violence. How beautiful to mix the two together! The spikes on the balls. Just not balls, but spikes to do the most lethal damage.

The school uniform represents conformity, discipline! Yet, the ball and chain represents rebellion. Breaking free and being very expressive. Don’t mess with me! I have power and will use it!

As you work up her beautiful legs, such a hot emo chick, beautiful undies can be seen.  Oh, how you run your fingers up those legs and gently push your fingers under those undies.  Oh, what sweet surprises are beneath those sweet panties.

Who could ask for more out of a hot emo girl.  What a desire to dream of that tight little pussy waiting to have a big cock inserted slowly.  Oh, the feeling of that moist pussy.  You want to pull those undies down and hold them to your nose, smelling that sweetness.  That wet pussy that moistened those panties.  What a treat!!

Oh, what a good fuck!  So kinky!  Leggings high up!  Legs spread and pussy wide open.  Slipping that bikini underwear off of that firm ass and wet pussy.  Skirt, blouse and leggings on, slowly slipping a swelling cock into that tight beautiful pussy.  What heaven, what bliss!!  A hot emo girl!




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