Tied and Fucked, fingering your asshole to get ready

Tied and fucked, who could ask for more!

The beautiful blonde with the gorgeous figure. High heels, black torn stockings. Pierced belly button… Beautiful slender but muscular legs. An ass you can crack your hand on. Yes, tied and fucked!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

What is so beautiful of a blonde woman with Italian black leather wrapped around her body. The dull sheen of the black leather against that milky smooth white skin. Iron chains, chrome studs and padlocks to create this aura of vulnerability. You have control and the power. Your cock rises at the thought of what you can do. Fulfill your deepest wishes with this bound beautiful buxom blonde. Where should you start?

Tied and fucked, everyone’s dream. Men, women dream of being dominant over this blonde bound prize. The shapely beautiful legs are enough to start with, working your tongue seductively up to the forbidden fruit. The legs are perfectly shaven, smooth as can be. Your arousal goes beyond your expectations. She enjoys your tongue working its way up the inner thighs. She get’s goose bumps as arousal increases. But what next…

Tied and fucked, your in command. You decide whether to administer pleasure or withhold it. One would expect oral sex next… No, a swift lick and on to inflict measured pain. Beginning with a swift spank on her ass. The skin becomes rose as you continue to spank. Teasingly, you stop and then begin again. Both cheeks are nice and rosy from the strike of your whip. Let’s take a closer look. Sticking your tongue along the crack of her ass, licking and enjoying the taste. You know close by is the juicy pussy. You cusp in between the cheeks and move your fingers close to the pussy. You feel moisture. Deep satisfaction, you know your captured lover is enjoying being tied and fucked.

You bend your lover over and start fingering her asshole. It’s way too tight. A large black dildo, well lubed, is inserted slowly into her asshole. She shows discomfort but begins to feel the pleasure of the fullness in her asshole. You slowly work it back and forth. Preparing the asshole for your large cock. Slowly slipping your erect penis into her asshole, the feeling is so good. You start violently taking your large cock in and out of her asshole. You hold her tightly as you violently fuck her in the asshole. Slapping the cheeks, taking complete control… And then, cumming all over her face and into her mouth.

Rodney Challenger

Orator of unbelievable sexual experiences
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