Tied and fucked!

Tied and fucked!  Sarah had been dating her boyfriend for some time.  He was pretty athletic and had a big cock.  His erections were always consistently long and wide.  He would pump her pussy for a good amount of time.  She had been fucked by other boyfriends and never really climaxed.  This boyfriend was good at making her cum.  He was rough, throwing her around, grabbing her by the legs, fucking her doggy style and brutal face fuck.  She loved it and just soaked her pussy.  He would spank her and give her anal sex.  Take a while for him to cum but when he was ready her boyfriend would hold his large cock over head and give a brutal face fuck.  In an explosion, the cum would splash her face.  Sarah would hold her mouth open trying to catch as much as she could.  The taste was good and she loved swallowing.  It couldn’t compare to a new experience, tied and fucked.

Her boyfriend was getting bored with the sex.  It was the same thing over and over again.  In spite of both of them cumming, he wanted to experiment.  He talked to Sarah about different scenarios and see how she felt about it.  He first asked if Sarah would be open to a threesome.  Sarah thought about it a while and asked her boyfriend who would be the partner and male or female.  He replied ‘what are you comfortable with?’.  Sarah, thinking it over, decided a female love companion would work for her.  Free spirited, she had never experienced lesbian sex.  And, she was looking forward to it.  Would a threesome lead to tied and fucked?

One of her girlfriends was beautiful and Sarah asked if she would participate.  Her friend knew how hot Sarah’s boyfriend was and she didn’t have to even think about it.  They all met at Sarah’s place.  The third partner started kissing Sarah’s boyfriend.  At first Sarah was jealous and then it became a turn-on.  Her friend started unzipping her boyfriend and reached for his big cock.  Yeah, she was impressed!  Getting on her knees she stroked it and started sucking his beautiful cock.  Sarah felt awkward and didn’t know what quite to do and then moved forward, got on her knees and joined the blow job.  They took turns sucking and exchanged small drops of cum.

Tied and fucked!  Sarah’s boyfriend had an idea.  An evil idea but one that all three would enjoy.  What could be more exciting than Sarah’s friend tied and fucked.  He leaned over and whispered into Sarah’s ear.  Tied and fucked, Sarah thought.  How fucked up is that.  But, it sounded exciting!  He whispered, get some rope.  Sarah left for the garage and found some rope.  Perfect, she thought!  When she came back, her boyfriend had her laid out on the bed.  He was eating out her pussy.  Her girlfriend moaned with pleasure and was clearly enjoying the experience.  Her boyfriend added to it by using Sarah’s vibrator. She was relaxed and having the greatest experience of her life.

Once Sarah’s girlfriend was relaxed enough, Sarah’s boyfriend moved forward and pinned down her arms and legs.  Sarah quickly bound her legs and arms.  Sarah’s girlfriend opened her eyes and was quite startled.  She started tugging on the ropes.   Sarah’s boyfriend gave her an evil grin.

Sarah started first.  She went down to her pussy and started eating her out.  The girlfriend squirmed moving back and forth.  Pulling on the ropes to free herself, she still fucking enjoyed Sarah eating her out.  Sarah wasn’t finished!  Tied and fucked can mean many things.  Sarah put on a strap-on.  Sarah noted her pussy was really really wet.  All of this was turning her on in a big way.  She shoved that dildo right into her pussy and started fucking her good.  Her boyfriend was pinching her hard erect nipples and biting lightly on them.  She had a earring in her belly button and he was seductively running his tongue all around.

Sarah’s girlfriend was losing it.  Tossing and turning, screaming with pleasure.  Tied and fucked was a surprise dream come true.  Sarah and her boyfriend changed places.  He shoved his big cock into her pussy and Sarah put her pussy right over her girlfriend’s head.  She had no choice but to eat her pussy.  The tied and fucked experience was too much!  Splash!  A big squirt from her pussy.  A huge orgasm she had never experienced before.  Everybody laughed at the experience.  Tied and fucked, what a great experience!!

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